INTER-STOMIL sp. z o.o. Lodz was registered in legal form as a limited
company (Ltd.) on the 29th of April 1988

Main areas of activity

  • Exports of Technical Rubber Goods - Conveyor Belts of various types - Rubber-textile cord, Rubber-Steel Ropes, Flat Balance Rubber-Steel Ropes, Rubber Masterbatches and Compounds (also made to order), Rubber Sheets/Carpets/Mats/Plates, Industrial Floor Finish, Traffic Safety Systems and Elements, Industrial and High-pressure Hoses,

  • Export of bulk chemicals - Potato Starch (also modified), Dextrines, Soda, Sulphur,

  • Exports of Chemicals for rubber industry,

  • Exports of technical items - Disc Brake Pads for Rail Vehicules (Asbestos-free, Composites), Industrial and Pressure Valves, Gas Meters, Water Meters, Watt-hour Meters,

  • Imports and Distribution of Raw Materials such as Rubber, Latex, Chemicals,

  • Non-Destructive Evaluation of Steel Ropes (in Conveyor Belts, Cranes, Bridges, Funicular, Oil Rigs),

  • Intermediatory services on exports and imports,

  • Warehousing and logistics services - warehouses located in the commercial/industrial area of Lodz,